The Tedious Trilogy: How will Ridley Scott Cap off the Prometheus Trilogy

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In 2012 a new adventure in the Alien universe was released, Prometheus. Directed by Ridley Scott, the director of the original Alien, many thought that Prometheus was going to be a return to form for the franchise. Boy were those people wrong.

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Prometheus in itself is a highly controversial film many love it, many hate it, and many are in the middle about it. I fall in the last category. Look Prometheus is not a bad film at all but, it also is not great. The timelines messy, there seems to be no climax nor an exposition, and many of the characters in the film are poorly written but, Prometheus should have been much better than it is. On a side note, I will dive deeper into Prometheus when I write an official review on the film.

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Where Prometheus was average at best, the second film in the Alien Prequel Trilogy-Alien: Covenant is a complete flop in my opinion. Covenant is treated more like a cash grab than a film. If you were to slap Prometheus and the original Alien together, you would get this film. That may sound good on paper but, Prometheus is a completely different film than Alien. The two do not mix well. The film feels like the first half is a continuation of Prometheus while the second is a new Alien film. I will also write a proper review on Covenant so stay tuned for that.

So with there being a third and final installment for the trilogy on the way, how will Ridley cap off the series. I believe Ridley should leave the Covenant behind and make a third expedition. It makes sense, Prometheus, Covenant and finally the newest expedition. With the Prometheus being a scientific expedition and the Covenant being a mostly civilian expedition, I would not be surprised if this final expedition has sometimes to the Colonial Marines. With that being said, how can they tie the knot on the trilogy. Will the final film take inspiration from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? Will it flow directly into the first Alien film? Who knows, maybe we’ll see the crew of the Nostromo.

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Obviously this is just pure speculation. The newest installment of this trilogy is set to release in 2019 so, we should get some more news as the year progresses. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as news leaks out.

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