State of the Blog #1

State of the Blog

This is the first of hopefully many “State of the Blog” addresses. I hope to do these every couple of weeks to keep everyone updated with my blog.  Without further ado, lets get this address started.

One of the biggest things I want to start on this blog is a weekly pick up series. This series would showcase that weeks comic haul, any action figures or busts i acquired, and any Blu-rays I also got that week. I am currently deciding on whether to make this a weekly post on this blog or if I am going to make this a weekly video on my YouTube channel. If I did decide to make this a weekly video I would definitely redirect this video to the blog via a blog post.

Another thing that I hope to start is a podcast with some friends of mine. The podcast would mostly be based around movies though I would hope to also include other aspects of pop culture in the podcast.

I also really want to upload the sequel to a film me and my brother directed to YouTube. I would like to talk about the process of making said film on this blog as well as keep you up to date on any other projects I undertake.

The final and possibly biggest undertaking I will be doing on this blog is watching and reviewing all 31 Godzilla films. As I write this blog, I am currently finished with the first Godzilla film, Gojira and hopefully will be watching the second film Godzilla Raids Again withing the next couple of days.

So there it is, the first “State of the Blog” address. As I said earlier on in the blog, I hope to do something like this every couple of weeks. Be on the look out for the first Godzilla review as it should be out in a couple of days.